11 Clever Winter Travel Tips for Convenient Traveling

Traveling is a very exciting thing you can do alone, with friends or with loved ones. Anyway, traveling can be done in every season from summer to winter.

In winter, traveling become less easy. You need to pack the more clothes rather than when you do traveling in summer. You need to deal with weather condition and also the coldness you must face in the winter.

Especially if you live in tropical country, it is less usual for you to face a very cold winter.

However, doing a winter traveling will be something very interesting to do. You can enjoy the incredible view in German and visit its mountainous area.

Viewing the northern lights or having a ski vacation also will be very wonderful experience. If now you are planning to have a great winter vacation, here are some important ideas you need to keep in mind before you go.

Pick The Right Clothes To Keep You Warm

Winter will be extremely cold in some areas including in Finland and certain Europe countries. You need to have layers to stay warm in an extreme cold climates.

Choose the base layer and then wear the top and bottom under the sweater and your jeans. Having a waterproof pants also will be a very cool idea.

There are certain best products you need to have including Wool socks. The antibacterial properties and ability to wick away moisture will make everyone feels comfortable.

Down jacket, scarf, hat that covers ears, gloves, and boots are other important clothes you need to pick during winter vacation.

Invest In Good Snow Boots For Winter Travel

Yes, boot is very important item that you should pick when you want to have a comfortable winter vacation. Purchase a good quality boots to keep your feet stay warm and avoid common contact with the snow.

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Feet consists of a lot blood cells, staying them warm is very important to keep your body’s health as well. When our feet feel warm, we can quickly warm the entire body and help our body stay comfortable.

Wear Layers And Warm Accessories In Cold Weather

In several places including north of Europe, winter climate may be extremely cold. So your obligation is to stay warm to keep yourself feel comfortable.

Wearing layers and warm accessories in cold weather is the key to set yourself ready as always to enjoy a winter vacation.

Make sure you pack accessories like socks, gloves, glasses, scarfs, hats, to keep you stay warm. Choose good quality fabric material which is warm but can let your skin breath.

You also need to pack these essentials to get ready with winter vacation including hand cream and also lip balm. Hand cream helps moisturizing your hands during extreme weather.

Meanwhile, lips balm also helps your lips stay moist. Lip becomes so sensitive in cold weather, so we need to keep them moist.

Keep Your Feet Warm In The Winter

Keeping your feet warm in the winter is a very essential issue. You need to make a list about many things you must bring, and do not forget about the socks.

You will need more than two socks anyway. The more socks is the better. Keeping your feet warm also means keeping your body feels comfortable.

You can avoid Hypothermia by keeping your feet warm. As everyone knows that our feet plays important role in body’s regulate temperature.

Investing money for good quality boots and socks is essential thing for great winter vacation experience. Merino wool sock is a very recommended sock you must have.

Drive Safely In Winter Conditions

When you have decided to have a road trip during winter, you need to well-prepared. Driving in cold weather is not easy anyway.

You need to face roads filled with snow, but you also know that the landscape design is totally amazing.

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You will enjoy the scenery that close up to you, and you can stop in wherever you want. Perhaps you want to take beautiful pics.

Driving in winter will be challenging, especially if you are less experience in it. You need to do some preparations including checking the tires.

Choose winter tires for driving in sub-freezing temperatures. If you have no idea about it, you can talk to a local mechanic to make sure that you do right precautionary steps.

Do not forget as well to make sure that your travel insurance is valid. Travel with insurance is very important to cover yourself when driving.

Remember as well to drive slowly when you driving on snow or ice. It helps you avoid potential damage and crush. Speed must be under control.

Get A Flu Shot Before Your Trip

Before you go for the vacation, it is also very important to get a flu shot prior. It is very beneficial for your health. This will help you compromise with your immune system.

Winter is the worst season which is so risky to make you getting sick. So you need to prepare everything including get vaccinated at least two weeks before your trip.

It helps you lower the risk of getting sick from season or spread by people.

Choose Local Ski Areas Over Fancy Resorts

Some famous ski resorts like Vail and Park City have some of the best terrain, so you can choose local ski area over fancy resorts to give you best travelling experience.

Skiing will be so much fun anyway in the place with best terrain. You may choose small local ski areas that offer you cheaper price deal. It depends on your need and budget condition.

So before you decide, better for you to do the research to know local ski hills that definitely worth the cost.

Use Food To Stay Warm In The Winter

Certain foods can help you stay warm. Your body will burn lot of energy in order to keep it warm. So the more foods you eat is the better.

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You need to consume more food so your body can get the more energy. Always have chocolate for winter vacation, it helps you to keep warm.

A thermos of hot chocolate, coffee and tea are also very good to keep you stay hydrated and warm.

It is very important for you to pick thermos with you so you can drink hot drink whenever you want and whenever you feel too cold and need something drink.

Drink The Mulled Wine At Christmas Markets

You also need to Drink the mulled wine at Christmas markets. Cozy German-style Christmas markets pop up everywhere during December and they are very helpful for winter traveller around the world. You can consume muller wine and it can help you keep warm and comfortable.

Save Luggage Space By Packing Smart

Packing smart is another key to travel in winter. You need to prepare everything well in advance before going traveling to avoid bad experience circumstances.

During winter vacation, people bring extra clothes so it will be so stuck and full in your luggage. Choose the lightweight clothes so you can save extra space in your own luggage.

It is important for you to know well in advance where you are going to. Adjust the clothes you want to wear with the location itself. Pack smartly and then you could have more comfortable winter traveling. Arrange clothes in your luggage as well as possible.

Everything Must Be Well Prepared

Traveling in winter does not mean that you only do nothing. You can do every thing and it will be very exciting.

Do not ruin your winter vacation because of bad preparation. When you forget picking a good boots as the example, you know that it will be very uncomfortable.

Make a list of what you need to pick in your luggage. It is also very important to know your schedule, so you can adjust the schedule and the clothes you must wear.

Shop something you must have before going traveling. It will be lots affordable to purchase stuffs in your local market than in trip area.

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