Vienna Austria for the Warmest Christmas Spirit

Your Top 10 Awesome World’s Winter Destinations

Today we’re going to present you the most amazing winter destinations to travel to this year.

If you’re looking for a winter getaway, well look no further. We’ve put together a top list of the most amazing winter destinations that will definitely light the travelling sparkle in you.

Here are our top 10 best winter destinations in the world. So let’s begin.

1. Long Awesome Winter Nights in Reykjavik, Iceland

Awesome Winter Nights in Reykjavik, Iceland

You can’t begin talking about winter destinations without naming the wonderful Iceland. Choosing Reykjavik, the country’s capital, for a holiday getaway will show you some very hard to forget scenery.

During the winter the night sky is illuminated by regular displays of the Northern Lights, or the occasional fall of sparkling snow.

To complete the spectacle in Reykjavik, there is a full calendar of cultural events during the winter, a special schedule for Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

On February you can attend the winter Lights festival. It celebrates the growing light after a long period of darkness through artistic demonstrations and sports competitions.

Reykjavik is the home of fascinating national parks geothermal pools spas. The city also has glorious wilderness. A night spend in Reykjavik mid-season will need you from $70 a night (at the cheapest) up to a few thousand dollars.

2. Warm Winter in Switzerland

Warm Winter in Switzerland

Switzerland is your next destination. The country is famous for its fairytale-like villages, numerous lakes, and luxurious skiing resorts.

It sits in one of the most dramatic mountain ranges, the Alps. It’s a country most loved by winter sports enthusiasts. So, let us put a light on where to go.

If you’re looking for the best powder, go to the ender Motte skiing resort. It’s a good position for gathering snow.

Being an expert’s mountain you can find accommodation in the small city of Angier mouth for a reasonable price or you can spoil yourself in the luxury offered by the Chetty hotel for the price of $300 a night.

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If you’re looking for a partying resort, try Zermatt because it has something for everyone, from wine bars to large venues for partying.

Or you can enjoy the night clubs like Bern and st. Moritz, where you can dance till the morning. This country will never fail to take your breath away and leave you wondering whether you’re immersed in a dream or not.

Switzerland offers mesmerizing places, such as the Swiss National Park, Lake Geneva, the Rhine Falls, and the Jungfrau region which are all prominent must-sees.

They easily make this country the perfect winter destination, especially for a family vacation.

3. Quebec Canada, for a Night in Elsa Style

Quebec Canada, for a Night in Elsa Style

Just 10 minutes outside of Quebec City, you can spend the night sleeping on a slab of ice in Attala Glass.

The hotel is built every year in January out of ice and snow, and stands until March. With around $1,000 a night for two, you’ll live one of the coolest experiences ever.

The hotel offers 44 themed rooms. Premium ones even have a fireplace in the middle for a more pleasant experience. No, the ice won’t melt because of it. So, don’t worry.

A nice sculpted Chapel for wedding or vow renewal services. And a Nordic relaxation area where you can enjoy outdoor spas and saunas.

4. Beckon Ridge Colorado for the Ski and Sight

Beckon Ridge Colorado for the Ski and Sight

Chosen by people as being the number one best place to visit in Colorado and best ski destination in the USA (number two in the best ski destinations worldwide),

Beckon Ridge Colorado has a friendly atmosphere and amazing ski slopes. You can spend the days going up and down the mountain, and nights refueling at the city’s bars and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a complete experience, you can spend your nights at some of the best hotels in Colorado, such as One Ski Hill Place, Beaver Run Resort, Conference Center, and or Crystal Peak Lodge.

You can find there a range of activities to do by yourself, such as spas and relaxation rooms. Or with the entire family, like bowling and swimming pools.

The prices in December, for example, range from 250 to $500 a night for two people. If you were to visit in the summer, you could also go hiking or mountain climbing in the area.

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5. Park City Utah for Fresh Mountain Destination

Park City Utah for Fresh Mountain Destination

Park City lies east of Salt Lake City, in the western state of Utah. This place is a world-class mountain destination, located in the authentic and historic western town.

If you’re in love with Winter sports this destination is for you. As of 2015 Park City Mountain Resort combined with The Canyons Resort and created the largest ski resort in North America.

You’ll find everything you need there, from different difficulty level slopes to nice restaurants and cozy hotels, to make you enjoy your holiday getaway.

6. Copenhagen Denmark for the Fairytale Castles and More

Copenhagen Denmark for the Fairytale Castles

From the tip of the mountains, we go down to the heart of some of the most beautiful cities to visit during winter and our first stop is Copenhagen. You can visit the Christmas market in December and relax in a hot sauna all winter long.

But, what’s really nice to see while visiting is the fairytale castles. Denmark was once a monarchy, and you can book trips to see most of the castles.

Not far from the city, the snow complements the castle site, making the experience so memorable. And if you’re a lover of culture, you can find free museums to defrost your toes and beautiful cafes to warm your soul with a hot drink.

7. Tokyo Japan for Unforgettable Oriental Winter

Tokyo Japan winter

Moving forward with our top list, we have Tokyo. And they say the best way to enjoy a Japanese winter holiday is by soaking in a hot spring bath.

If you’re visiting Tokyo, make sure you notice the contrast of the loud and colorful Christmas celebrations and the still green traditional Japanese gardens.

The temperature rarely falls below zero degrees, and if you’re lucky you’ll see plum trees blossom called you, especially in February. All in all, Tokyo is an amazing city to visit during winter like no other.

8. Budapest Hungary for the Awesome Skating Ring and More

Budapest Hungary

You can’t go skiing in the Hungarian capital. But one thing you can do is go ice-skating in a fairytale setting.

Make sure you don’t miss the city ice rink, surrounded by an imposing castle. And to make the fairy tale live a bit longer, you shouldn’t miss a Nutcracker performance at the Hungarian State Opera House.

The food is also delicious. And the coffee shops are to die for. What we’re trying to say is, if you’re planning to visit one European city this winter, put Budapest on that list. It has everything you’d wish for and more.

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9. Prague Czech Republic for the Old Central Europe Winter Sensation

Prague Czech Republic for the Old Central Europe Winter Sensation

There’s something about winter in Europe, especially around Christmas time that makes it a memorable experience.

Maybe it’s the heavy snow and heavy history surrounding the whole area and preserved everywhere, from the architecture to customs and traditions same goes with Prague Czech Republic.

One of the most enjoyable experiences to have there is attending the candy giveaway on St. Nicholas Eve. On December 5th, Nicholas (the Czech Saint Nick) roams the streets to pass out treats to good children. You can see him in the old town square during the evening.

Another custom to get engaged in is the bohemian carnival and masochist, that’s the Czechs farewell to winter. It takes place at the end of February or beginning of March. It all ends up in a masked open-air party and everyone enjoys it.

10. Vienna Austria for the Warmest Christmas Spirit

Vienna Austria for the Warmest Christmas Spirit

Vienna during the winter is love at first sight. And one can’t argue that it’s the most beautiful city to visit, especially around Christmas time.

Maybe Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, but the Christmas spirit was definitely born in Vienna, at their annual Christmas market.

The car-free city center, the stunning history beautifully preserved, the impressive architecture, the accents of art and fashion displayed all around the city, make Vienna one heartwarming destination.

While in Vienna, you must buy things from the Christmas market, visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, go to the hospice and listen to a concert at the Vienna State Opera.

And if you get tired of all the shopping and cultural engagement, you can escape at one of the skiing resorts close to the city. Or you can retreat to your hotel room or a cafe, to admire the beauty of the city from a warmer spot. One night at an Austrian hotel can go anywhere up from $100 a night for two people.

That’s all our list of 10 awesome winter destinations in the world. Decided which city to visit this winter yet? We hope so. Anyway, enjoy your pleasant winter this year –anywhere you want.

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