Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018 announced! Sonic Games 75% off on Humble Store!

Sonic the Hedgehog Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018 announced

What is up guys it’s Geeky Nerd for MOTG bringing you the latest in Saugatuck news and updates. We have a couple of interesting news tip bits to share with you today. Last year you may know that sega held a sonic panel at the 2017 san diego comic-con international which revealed major information on sonic manias gameplay and story.

While the panel will be returning once again this year. The 2018 sonic comic-con panel appropriately titled the way past cool panel is scheduled to be held on the 19th of July beginning at 2 p.m. Pacific time.

Located in the ninth room at the San Diego Convention Center. IDW editors Joe Hughes and David Marriott artist Evan Stanley. Sega licensing specialist Michael Cisneros and director of product development Austin Keys was confirmed to attend and head of sonic team.

Takashi Iizuka will be there all we know about the panel itself so far other than the guests is that they will discuss comics and upcoming games make some surprise announcements and more. What do you guys think let us know in the comments section below.

Lastly a sonic weekend Humble Bundle sale has gotten underway. The sale includes various Sonic titles discounted up to 75%, like sonic forces Sonic mania Sonic Generations and more. The sale will be going for a few days. So if you want to get them. You got to go fast.

And that’s all for now this was Geeky Nerd for MOTG if you were formed for you sure to leave a comment for more Sontag news and updates. See you all next time and have a fantastic rest of your week

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