Single Bed Barndominium for the Newly Wed

6 Pleasantly Simple Barndominium Plans With 30’ Width Plan

Need an escape from your daily urban chores? Try to get relax in this now popular living space, barndominium. Still dark with the term?

It’s simply an ordinary barn turned into a house with the comfort of a condo.

Once, this living space is real unused barn, now you can have it from the scratch, according your plans, and still retain the rustic and pleasant farmland life style.

Here are some 6 barndominium for your inspiration. All are with 30’ width floor plans. So, let’s start.

1. Single Bed Barndominium for the Newly Wed

Single Bed Barndominium for the Newly Wed

If you need only the basic living space, this single bed barndominium floor plan’s enough for you. Living alone, or living with a spouse, will be no problem at all.

Even you still have ample of room to do any of your daily routines (overall size is 600sq.ft). This floor plan includes a bedroom (an ample bed of 13’, 8” x 12’), coupled with spacious bathroom and toilet.

The family room is the widest. It even looks wider with the open kitchen (plus dining room) next to it, without any partitions.

2. Double Bedrooms for a Small family

Double Bedrooms for a Small family

A small family with 1-2 kids will have pleasant living space here, this barndominium floor plans has 2 beds, with 1 master bed for the parents, and an additional room for the kids.

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It has a bathroom, can be accessed from the master bedroom (with size of 12’ x 12’) or from the kitchen area. Meanwhile, the kitchen itself, just like the previous floor plan, in one location with the dining area and family area, for easy relaxing time (and munching).

You have enough space to do any pleasant activities in this roomy family room. Lastly, the washing room is outside, at the back of the bathroom area.

3. Double Beds Barndominium for a Growing Family

Double Beds Barndominium for a Growing Family

With size 30’x40′ and total area 1200sq.ft, you’ll have ample playground for your growing family. It has spacious master bedroom and also a roomy additional room.

This floor plan includes 2 bathroom, 1 in the master bed and the other is a family bathroom. A walk-in closet added in the master bedroom. This room is set apart from any other room, for more privacy.

The family room, being the hub of the family, is the most spacious. It also next to the dining and kitchen area, for your convenience in reaching your snacks or else in your leisure time. Like this floor plans?

4. Three Bedrooms Barndominium Floor Plan with 1200sg.ft of Space

Three Bedrooms Barndominium Floor Plan with 1200sg.ft of Space

With the same area of 30’x40’ and overall 1200sq.ft space, you can have a 3 bedrooms. As you see in the floor plan, the bedrooms arranged in a row, for an efficient rooms arrangement.

The master bedroom sits at the corner, relatively separated from any other rooms for more privacy. It also roomier and equipped with private bathroom and a bathroom (which also accessible from the kitchen area from any other family member to use).

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The kitchen, dining area, and the family room are in one area, just like the previous floor plans –for easy dining or snacking in your easy time.

5. 1500 sq. ft. Barndominium with 3 Bathrooms

1500 sq. ft. Barndominium with 3 Bathrooms

This floor plan offers 3 bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms. The family room (18’x19’) pampers you with much needed resting space.

Located next to the dining room and kitchen, it means that you also can easily access the food and drink while enjoying your time in the family room. The master bedroom has an ample private bathroom, complete with a walk-in closet.

The 2 windows ensure you to always have plenty of air and natural light. Meanwhile, the two additional bedrooms shares a common bathroom. A washroom also included in this floor plan.

If you need a 3 bedrooms barndominium of 30′ width, this floor plan is worth to consider.

6. A 30’x60′ Barndominium with 3 Bedrooms

A 30'x60' Barndominium with 3 Bedrooms

The last of 30′ width floor plan barndominium is this 3 bedrooms 30’x60′ 1800 sq. ft. barndominium.

The floor plan is similar with the previous no.5 one. Only this time the additional 2 bedrooms sits next to each other. The master bedroom still in the corner area, for more privacy.

It also surrounded with a private bathroom (plus a walk-in closet) and an outer bathroom. Similarly, the family room (24’x17’) sits next to the dining and kitchen area.

There are, of course, other barndominium floor plans around to inspire you. But if you need floor plans of a 30’ width barndominium, our offers here are some of the simplest to construct. It also offers some of the most spacious living area.

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And whether you live alone, with a small or growing family, the floor plans can accommodate your needs. So, you have found the right floor plan for your barndominium? We hope so.

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