Barndominium Floor Plan for 40x30 1200 sq. ft. Living Space

5 Barndominium Plans with 40’ Width Plan

A term that keeps pop up in the home designs communities (or enthusiasts) is barndominium. A barndo for short. Just like the name implied, in the beginning it only a barn (real barn with all it real occupiers) with a small living quarter in it.

Along with time, this living quarter gets more complex room allocations. It gets the feel of a condominium in a sense. And now you have the barndominium.

Yes, the one that rage in Pinterest or other picture-based social media platforms. In need a 40’ width barndo floor plans? Here we offers you the best 5 of them.

1. A 2 Bed Barndominium in 40’x20′ 800 sq. ft. Area

2 Bed Barndominium in 40x20 800 sq. ft. Area

This floor plan offers you 2 bedrooms, a master bedroom and the additional one. The master, 3’8”x12’ in size, big enough for your relaxing moments.

It also has ample closet (though not the walk-in type). The location also ensure you to have enough privacy as you enjoy your time in it. The room also has 2 windows, ensure you to have the most of natural light and fresh air.

It shares a bathroom with the additional room. The family area shares a spot with the eating room and kitchen.

This layout makes your journey to the palatable stuff in the kitchen (when you’re enjoying time in the family room) easier. A washing room stuck neatly behind the bathroom, next to the kitchen room.

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2. Barndominium Floor Plan for 40’x30′ (1200 sq. ft.) Living Space

Barndominium Floor Plan for 40x30 1200 sq. ft. Living Space

Need a roomy area for your resting time? This floor plan boast an expansive family room.

It has 17’8”x21’ living area, enough for a warm family gathering or any other social activities. It also sits next to the dining and kitchen area, making your leisure time more enjoyable.

Aside of the family room, you still have a big master bed (14’4”x12’), complete with its own bathroom and closet. The 2 windows ensure you the plentiful natural light and fresh breeze.

The second bedroom also gives you an alternative room (or for the kids). You have also another bathroom for the rest of family. It sits next to the washing rooms.

3. A 3 Beds Barndominium Floor Plans for 1600 sq. ft. Living Area

3 Beds Barndominium Floor Plans for 1600 sq. ft. Living Area

Now you meet a handsome floor plan for a 1600 sq. ft. Living Area, still with 40’ width. It offers 3 bedrooms, with a fully furnished master bedrooms.

It has a spacious walk-in closet (6’8”x8’4”), a private bathroom, and 2 full windows for natural lights and fresh air. The 2 other bedrooms (also have enough room for the other family members’ activities) share a bathroom outside.

The floor plan also includes a pantry for the kitchen, it side-by-side with the washroom. You have a spacious eating area (10’x14’), enough to enjoy dinner with all the family. The most pleasant in the house, the family room, is the big one, 16’4”x21.’ It will be the hub of all the family member’s activities.

4. Barndominium Floor Plan for 4 Bedrooms, 40’x50′ 2000 sq. ft. Living Space

Barndominium Floor Plan for 4 Bedrooms, 40x50 2000 sq. ft. Living Space

Now, as you have a growing family and you need to expand the house, this 2000 sq. ft. barndominium will serve you well. It has 4 bedrooms, three additional rooms with a master bedroom.

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The master bedroom, for you, is a spacious room (14’x17’). It has a big walk-in closet for all your outfits and else, 12’x10’ in size. The bathroom, a private bathroom is fully furnished, complete with the powder room. The other three rooms share a common bathroom.

The kitchen has a big pantry, next to washing room. The floor plan also offer a big kitchen and eating area (10’x17’, 10’x14’ respectively). The family area occupies a 10’x14’ of living space, enough for your enjoyable time with the family.

5. A 2400sq.ft barndominium with 5 Bedrooms

2400sq.ft barndominium with 5 Bedrooms

This 40’x60′ barndominium floor plan is the biggest in this list. It also has the most sleeping area, 5 bedrooms. All are spacious, with the master bedroom being the big one (17’x16’).

This room also has a private bathroom (fully furnished and luxurious) plus a walk-in closet. The master bedroom itself has 2 windows, enough to give it plenty of natural light.

The other 4 bedrooms share an outside bathroom. All of them has a nice built-in closet. One with the family area is a kitchen area. It has a curvy island table overlooking an eating area. As the additional touch, the floor plan also includes a home office area, next to the family area.

Now that you have all 5 of our best barndominium floor plan (all with 40’ width), we hope you also have already had the gist or inspiration, a trigger for your next project.

Or even your dream living space. A barndominium for a living space, surely it will be great for you and your family. And let’s make it happen soon.

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