11 Clever and Shocking Packing Hacks Must Know

Going traveling in winter is not a problem. You can enjoy beautiful scenery of mountain and hillside filled with snow and ice. Enjoying ski in ski resort and having a good winter vacation experience will be something very interesting. You can start making a plan about traveling in winter.

Every people know that packing often becomes an issue for winter vacation. You must wear layering clothes and boots that means you must prepare for the more clothes and the bigger luggage. It will not be as bad as you think Here are some ideas you can read about how to pack smartly for best winter traveling experience. Whether you travel by plane or car, these 11 packing hacks will be really helpful for you.

1. Use packing cubes

Being organized becomes many people’s issue. Especially, when you pick so many things in your luggage. By using packing cubes, you safe everything well-organized and help you pack smartly. You can find packing cubes in the market in wide variety styles and also sizes to choose from. The packing cubes will be really helpful when you want to find something quickly. It is also a great help to open suit case.

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2. Store Q-tips in an old pill bottle

Another smart packing hack you need to do is Keeping the Q-tips fresh by storing them in the old pill bottle. decorating and personalizing the bottle could be something very interesting. You can try your own decoration.

3. Use binder clips to protect razor

You need to Secur your razor by using a binder clip over the head of the razor. It will protect your razor from scratching any other items in your luggage. Moreover, the binder clips also can avoid you from any potential damage. It perfectly protects your fingers when you hurryly dig your suitcase.

4. Place plastic wrap under the bottle caps

For you who feel necessary to pick water in bottle during vacation, it is important to have plastic wrap. Simply Place the plastic wrap or a piece of a plastic bag under the cap of a bottle. And then, screw the cap on. This way can avoid water spills which can wet your clothes and stuffs.

5. Put cotton pads in your compacts

Cotton pads also can be helpful during winter vacation. Simply Put cotton pads in your makeup compacts to provide cushioning. It will perfectly protect your makeup from shattering.

6. Store your hot tools in an oven mitt

You also need to bring oven mitt during winter travel. It is made to withstand heat. So when you are in a rush and you do not have time to cool down the curling iron, simply put it in the oven mitt. Voila! You are ready to out the door.

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7. Roll the clothes

If you question about what is the best way to avoid wrinkles in your clothing? The answer is by rolling it. Rolling the clothes will not only lower the risk of wrinkles, but also a smart space saver idea.

8. Store headphones in an old mint container

During your winter vacation, you also need to bring old mint container. It will be really helpful and also cute so you can keep your headphones in it and avoid tangling. Consider this super cute and easy DIY.

9. Bring favorite chunky scarf

A chunky scarf will be very helpful during very extreme cold. Wearing the bulkiest item onto the plane or while you are in the car will be so much important. Even when you are not heading to anywhere, the chunky scarf will be so excellent as pillow or blanket when doubled.

10. Pack versatile pieces

Saving luggage space is very important. It usually has limited amount of space, so it is very necessary to bring only the most important thing. You also need to pack versatile items that you can mix-and-match. A good mix and layer can create stylish look, and a versatile scarf or jacket as the example, can help your packing issue.

11. String necklaces through straws

Tangling is the issue may happen to your jewelry especially necklaces. One of the best way to avoid it is by using straw. Simply Place one end of your necklace’s chain through the straw. Then, hook it together. It helps you organizing your jewelry as well as avoiding tangling.

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Those are 11 easy and important packing hacks you may even don’t know. Hopefully this article is helpful for you. Have a good winter vacation. Enjoy your trip and good luck.

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