Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games

Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Indie Games

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

The toads are taking their treasure tracking trips to the 3DS. Originally a Wii U title, Nintendo’s is continuing the treasure hunt with improved visuals plus a slew of brand new courses that fans of Super Mario Odyssey will enjoy.

It doesn’t have the couch party capabilities of the Switch, players of the 3DS version will enjoy 3D visuals and touch screen controls. A fun Toad-filled title for the console, it’s set to release this July 13th.

WarioWare Gold

Nintendo is Nintendo, and it’s always a pleasure to know that there are still games coming out of this system. This upcoming action game from Intelligent Systems is a collection of minigames with short time limits.

Play as the titular character, Wario, and his friends in a fun-filled party experience from various minigames.

Catch pizzas, pluck a man’s nose hairs, use the 3DS’ microphone to blow a dandelion flower, these are but the content you’ll find in this weird Nintendo entry.

It’s a shame the devs don’t plan on porting this to the Switch instead. It’s coming out this August 3rd.

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk

Already released in Japan last year, Arc System Works has confirmed a Western Release for the newest chapter to Jake Hunter’s detective story.

The second in the overall series, the Ghost of the Dusk adventure adds new flavours to their crimes scenes.

Not only does it contain the original game, it also includes the four games from their mobile phone series.

Returning to Jake Hunter to his roots, you’ll be tasked to investigate a slew of murders by solving each puzzle along the way.

It’s set to release on Sep 28th, 2018

Shovel Knight: King Of Cards

Shovel Knight is still alive and digging. But it’s not about him anymore. This final downloadable expansion from Yacht Club Games royally invites you to to the life of King Knight.

Travel between four new worlds to and defeat the legendary three kings to prove your dominance across the realms.

Armed with your golden scepter, bash foes to their doom and make your way through a myriad of obstacles just to show them who’s boss. It’s coming out sometime this 2018.

Luigi’s Mansion

With Mario, Wario, and Waluigi taking centerstage in most Nintendo titles, it was about time to give the taller Mario brother a shot in the spotlight.

Announced at the Nintendo Direct last March, the GameCube titles is getting a remake on the 3DS.

With his beloved brother missing in action, it’s up to Luigi to save him from the spooky halls of a haunted manor.

The first port for the original title, it will include a Boss Rush Mode as well as an in-game map on the device’s touchscreen.

No specific window yet but it’s set to release sometime this 2018.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey

With a series remake that started with Superstar Saga and Bowser’s minions, this twofold package of Nintendo DS originals is also set for release on the 3DS.

In this second title remake, we get a closer look on the story of Bowser’s son, Junior.

Of course, for a game that first launched in 2009, they’ll need to make the necessary graphical updates.

Expect a cleaner cut Mario & Luigi title as you dig deeper into the infamous Bowser’s life. No release date yet, but it’s scheduled to come out sometime in 2019.

Mighty No. 9

Despite its blunder during its first release wayback 2016, it was still a decent game.

It was considered as a spiritual successor to the iconic Mega Man series from Keiji Inafune.

It’s disappointing use of its massive funding gave the game a massive backlash.

Yes, it’s still coming out for the Nintendo 3DS. Now you can blast robotic foes in this side-scrolling 2D adventure in the palm of your hand. It’s set to release sometime soon.

Operation COBRA

It’s hard to take this game seriously. From developer StickBit, this first person action arcade game takes you in an unfamiliar place surrounded by mud.

In its zombie-infested place, you have no choice but to fight back against these blocky monstrosities.

Basically the game is a simple shooter and it has to be designed for kids, right? No release date yet.


Long revealed during 2013, this game went off the grid when it comes to updates.

Recently, Jools Watsham, Atooi’s boss, announced that the game is coming to the Switch soon.

Word on 3DS’ release is still a blur, but fans are hoping for a miracle. From the creators of Mutant Mudds, Xeodrifter and Chicken Wiggle, it’s hard not to be a little hyped. No release date yet.

Antipole DX

Following up on their DSiWare action platformer, the folks behind Antipole have been working towards a remake for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game may feel familiar for fans of the Megaman series, with its pixel visuals and action-platforming mechanics.

With this port to the 3DS, they’re hoping to add more features like additional levels, leaderboards and a lot more.

With last year’s news putting them at 95% completion, we’re not quite what stage the developers are at. No release date yet.

Shakedown Hawaii

From the creators of Retro City Rampage, VBlank Entertainment shows off they’re mastery of the 16bit artstyle with another pixel-fuelled dive into the world of crime.

A parody of the high-octane life of big business, step into the shoes of a new player in the corporate circle and worm your into property acquisition, shakedowns, and sabotage.

It’s an open world that’s free for exploration and financial exploitation. Unfortunately for this promising 16bit paradise, the devs aren’t quite ready take it out the oven. No release date yet.


An indie 2D metroidvania from Lunar Ray Games. Go back in time to seek vengeance from the men responsible for killing your family.

Explore the vast connected world with beautiful hand-drawn visuals. Befriend mysterious creatures and let them aid you in battle.

All this, to topple an empire. No release date yet.

RISE: Race The Future

This looks like one gorgeous racing game for the 3DS. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much from the folks behind this title.

The same people behind the successful IronFall Invasion, VD Dev has kept mum since the passing of their studio’s co-founder.

It seemed that they were moving forward with the development, despite the swift downfall of the Wii U.

Last heard aiming for a Switch and maaaybe a 3DS release, there’s no release date yet.

League Of Evil

The world is counting on you in this action platformer from Ratalaika. Use your acrobatic skills to punch your way through the danger filled levels.

This game is already out on most consoles, especially the Switch, and even the iOS and Android versions. Its 3DS release date is still being kept under wraps and we’re hoping that it’s actually gonna come out.


The second title from Ratalakia Games. Not too far a jump from League of Evil, 0000 is also platformer, levelling it up with tough mechanics.

This game is packed with over 100 hand made levels where you leap and dodge to their intense and rhythmic beats.

A simple looking title, there’s a few hours of enjoyment in store as you jam to their collection of 8bit and modern electronic music. No release date yet

Persona Q2

This is by far my most anticipated game on this list. From the looks of it, the 3DS is nearing its end and ATLUS’ upcoming Persona spin-off might add a whole new flavor to its send-off.

Go on a dungeon crawling adventure with the iconic members of Persona 5. Details are scarce at this moment, and we’re expecting to hear more about this game this year. So no release date yet.

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