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Top 5 iOS New Features Coming to iOS 12 That You Don’t Want to Miss

iOS 12 will officially roll out in the fall, but if you can’t wait, the public beta is ready to download right now!

I should warn you though, the beta is still pretty buggy, but if you’re courageous enough, you should probably give it a download. Here are iOS 12 new features for 2018 .

Memoji For iPhone X Users

Memoji For iPhone X Users

First off, there’s Memoji for all you iPhone X users. It’s basically an animated cartoon face of yourself. You can customize your skin color, your hairstyle, your head shape, your eyes, your eyebrows, nose and lips, ears, facial hair, eyewear, headwear, and so much more.

There’s also 4 new Animoji. There’s the tiger, the koala, the T-rex, and the ghost.

Group FaceTime Up To 32 People!

Group FaceTime Up To 32 People

Next up is group FaceTime! Finally! You can now FaceTime with not 2, not 3, but up to 32 people!That’s right, it you can facetime with 32 peoples!

It’s unlikely you’ll ever be FaceTiming with that many people at once, but the option’s there if you need to or want to.

You can also make an appearance as an Memoji , Animoji, or apply stickers that move with your head during FaceTime. I have to admit showing up on FaceTime as a Memoji is pretty amusing.

Screen Time Notifications

iphone Screen Time Notifications

Alright, this next feature is probably my favorite because it’s going to tell meexactly how obsessed I am with my phone.

Screen Time will give you information like how many times you picked up your phone, how long you used an app for, and how many notifications you had in a day.

It’s valuable information if you need hard statistics to shame yourself into being less addicted to your phone.

Speaking Notifications

Speaking Notifications

Speaking of notifications, iOS 12 is gonna make them tidier, and, as a result, less stressful to look at.

They’ll be grouped by apps and threads, and will appear on your lock screen in a stack. Tapping on them will expand them.

Iphone Measure App

Iphone Measure App

The last feature that I want to highlight is the Measure app. This app uses augmented reality to easily let you, well, measure things.

Getting a measurement is super simple. You draw lines between points you want to measure and then iOS calculates the length.

It’s a good app to get rough measurements of something, but you can’t really rely on it for precise measurements, at least not in the public beta.

And that sums up the top 5 new iPhone 12 features that’s coming to iOS 12. Let us know which feature you’re looking forward to or not looking forward to. Bye!

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