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How To Loose Weight In Only 10 Days

Everyone has their own reason why loosing extra pounds in their body is just something feels hard and slightly impossible.

Diet or weight loss program is a gradual process that you need to do step by step, also it takes time and effort.

You cannot ruin your diet program by consuming donuts, burger, and other junk foods with no rule.

Start by incorporating small changes in your life, so weight loss program could be something more pleasing and interesting.

It even can be reached in only ten days. See what would happen to you after ten days by doing these small changes you can do right now.

Consume More Fiber

How To Loose Weight In Only 10 Days

Fiber consists of two types including soluble and insoluble. Both types of fiber helps you slowing down the process of digestion. Of course it makes you feel full longer.

Consuming foods with high fiber is an effective way to loose weight in ten days. Do not hesitate to eat more fiber.

Reduce Carbohydrates

Reduce Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates contain of calories. Too much carbohydrates in our body could be harmful because it may be transformed into fat that make you gaining fat.

Reducing the intake of carbohydrates in your body will be totally helpful for weight loss program. Cutting back card will be a great way toward successful weight loss.

Get More Healthier Fats

Get More Healthier Fats

Fat itself consists of the healthy and unhealthy one. Eating more healthy fats like containing in avocado, olive oils and nuts will be a great way to weight loss.

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The unsaturated fat can help lower cholesterol and hearth disease caused by foods with saturated fats.

Start Making A Workout Regimen Schedule

Workout Regimen Schedule

Incorporate A Workout Regimen Into Your Schedule will be a good way to loose weight in only ten days. Weight loss program will not be effective without a regular workout.

You need to do regular exercise by doing your favourite cardio daily, simply like 15 minutes walk, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Those activities can help you burning fats and calories in substantial amount.

Track The Amount Of Calories

Track The Amount Of Calories

Some people forget to track the amount of calories that intake to their body. How much calorie you get from morning cappuccino? How about cola in your lunch time?

High calorie foods need to be counted and tracked as well as you can control how much of them intaking your body.

Choose Better Snacks


Choosing the best snacks would give great impact to your weight loss program. It is your time to replace the junk foods for snaking into healthier foods. Oat will be excellent.

Snacking time will be good and healthy with many kinds of fruits in form of salad, or probably foods with high fiber. Sprout is also great for your diet program.

Avoid Junk Foods

 Junk Foods

During your weight loss program, you must discipline yourself to avoid something that could ruin its process. Those probably your favourite foods, and I literally know how does it feel to avoid chips, French fries, many kinds of cake, but you know that it has to. You can see the result after ten days. Replace unhealthy snacking with high nutrient foods in your pantry.

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Smaller Portion Is Excellent

Smaller Portion

Some people break from our diet plans is the fact that it is really difficult to resist temptation. When you see foods in your plate, you tend to eat them all.

So it would be better for you to cut down the portion so you will not be overeating. Moreover, it gives you sense and suggestion that you have been full and finish eating.

Cook Your Own Meals

Cooking Meals

You will never know that substance of meal you buy in outside. Better for you to cook it by yourself so you can guarantee yourself that everything is healthy and beneficial for your body. You also can try to consume low calorie alternatives to help you controlling the portion.

Drink More Water


Drinking more water can help you to get rid out the toxin and other harmful substances in your body. Drink at east 8 glasses in a day. Make sure you get sufficient water intake to your body.

It has great impact to your weight loss program. Water also helps you feeling full before you eat too much.

Switch From Coffee To Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is lots better than coffee. It can get rid off many toxins in your body. A glass of green tea in the morning will be great to start your day. Green tea also contains lower calories. Moreover, it reduce problem constipation that may occur to you.

Lemon, Honey And Hot Water


Regularly drink a hot water that you add with lemon and honey. This kind of drink every morning could help you reducing your weight in only ten days.

Eat More Protein


Reducing fat in your body also could be effective by consuming more protein. It is a kind of muscle builder. You need to replace carbo food with protein foods.

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Avoid Rice, Sugar, Salt

Avoid Rice

Rice, sugar and salt are poisons for weight loss program. Those kinds of foods contain many calories and it can be fat. Avoid the consumption of rice, sugar and salt for a successful ten days weight loss program.

Never Skip Meals

Never Skip Meals

You may think that when you skip meals, you will lose weight. Actually, this only makes you gain weight. An unregular eating, however, can make your body easily transform foods to fat when it gets meal.

Consume More Fruits

Consume More Fruits

To be successful dieter, it is very important to consume more fruits with more water but less calories. It will be very good to have breakfast with fruits, or having a salad fruit as meal after lunch.

Limit Your Meals In A Day

Limit Your Meals In A Day

Meal is important for your body to get sufficient energy and important nutrients, but it is also very important to limit it. Three times meals in a day is ideal. Lunch could be heavy, but dinner and breakfast could be light.

Get Proper Sleep

Get Proper Sleep

Getting sufficient sleeping hour is also important. At least you must sleep seven hours in a day. Go to bed and get good quality sleeping. It helps you controlling your hunger and temptation to eat at the day or in the next day.

Get Organized In The Kitchen

Get Organized In The Kitchen

It is very important to eat healthy foods every day. Preparing foods by yourself is lots better than buying it. To help you enthusiast for cooking your own meal, organize your kitchen as well as possible. You can avoid panic dinner in the well-organized kitchen.

Monitor Your Weight

Monitor Your Weight

Do not forget to always monitor your weight every two days. So you will measure how many pounds have be lost. It helps you to keep on track and enthusiast during your weight loss program.

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