2 Bed and 2 Bath Barndominium, 35'x40' Floor Plan

6 Most Gorgeous Barndominium Plans with 35’ Width Plan

Imagine living in a farmhouse with all its pleasant. You have all the modern comforts around you, surrounded with rustic and warm air of a farmland. Only now you don’t need to toil your land or keep your livestock and other farm chores.

Is it possible? Of course. Now you can have a barndominium. It combines a barn, ordinary barn in any farm lands, and the comfort of modern condominium living space.

It’s getting popular these last year. Now if you want to have one and still have no idea of the floor plans, here we offers some of them All are of 35’ width barndominium floor plans. Let’s check it out.

1. Simple Single Bed 35’x20’ 700 sq. ft. Barndominium

Simple Single Bed Barndominium

This floor plan offers spacious bedroom and family room. Living alone or with a spouse, you’ll have your pleasant time all the time.

This floor plan includes a private bathroom, inside the bedroom area (size 13’8” x 12’). This floor plan also includes a closet in the bedroom area.

The Kitchen area sits comfortably at the corner, making the eating area and the family room looks roomier and clutter free. Now, are you already feel the pleasant atmosphere out of this floor plan?

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2. A 2 beds barndominium out of 1050 sq. ft. Space

2 beds barndominium out of 1050 sq. ft. Space

Slightly larger than the previous plan, this floor plan has 2 bedrooms, each at the corners of the house.

The master bed (14’ x 12’) supplied with a closet and a direct access to the bathroom. It also has more privacy, being relatively shut out from other areas in the house.

The kitchen area, similar to the no.1 plan, only now with an island table. It also on one with the eating area and family room (20’6” x 13’). With the size, you still can use the family room for any other of your needs. Like a home office, probably? It’s up to you.

3. A 2 Bed and 2 Bath Barndominium, 35’x40′ Floor Plan

2 Bed and 2 Bath Barndominium, 35'x40' Floor Plan

The total of this floor plan is 1400 sq. ft. It consists of 2 bedrooms. The master bed (16’ x 16’) has a walk-in closet and its own bathroom. While the second room (13’ x 12’) has a regular closet.

The second bathroom sits next to the room. Outside the rooms are the kitchen, washroom, eating area, and family room. Being in an area and in an open layout, the family room offers the most spacious space in the house.

Surely you won’t get trouble in getting your snack in this barndominium floor plan.

4. A 3 bedrooms Barndominium, 35’x40′ 1400 sq. ft. Floor Plan

3 bedrooms Barndominium, 35'x40' 1400 sq. ft. Floor Plan

If you need a house for your growing family, this floor plan suits you well. It has 3 bedrooms, enough for you and the kids to live in comfortably. The 3 bedrooms are set in a row.

The master bedroom (13’ x 16’) is separated from any other room. So it stands in relatively secluded area, enough for your private activities. The two bedrooms sit side by side, spacious enough to handle all the kids’ activities.

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Outside, the kitchen area occupies spacious area (8’6”x17’). It has an island table for easy daily cooking. The eating area and family room, as usual, sits in the same area and in an open layout.

5. A 1750 sq. ft. (35’x50′) Floor Plan for 3 Beds Barndominium

1750 sq. ft. (35'x50') Floor Plan for 3 Beds Barndominium

Need a more spacious 3 bedrooms barndominium? This barndominium floor plan is for you.

You see here, the floor plans includes 3 bedrooms. A bedroom serves as the master bedroom. As the master, it has a private bathroom (the spacious one) and a closet.

The 2 additional bedrooms shares a bathroom, placed between the two. The rooms also has its own built-in closet. The kitchen, sit at a corner as usual, has an island table.

This floor plan includes a spacious dining area (12’8”x12’). Its counterpart, the family room is roomier still, with 18’x21’ of pleasant area.

6. A 3 Beds Barndominium, 35’x60’ (2100 sq. ft.) Floor Plan

3 Beds Barndominium Floor Plan

The last floor plan here is the most spacious, it has 2100 sq. ft. living space. It boasts a big master bed (complete with its walk-in closet and luxurious bathroom).

It also has 2 spacious additional bedrooms (with built-in closet), each share a bathroom. The dining area sits in the corner, overlooking the front garden.

The kitchen sits next to it, pampers you with all the modern cooking facilities. If you want to enjoy the day, a big family room (24’x22’) will serves you well. Interested in this floor plan?

We have outlined here some six of our best 35’ width floor plans collection for you. We hope you enjoy it. Or even you have already get an idea for your dream condominium?

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It will be our pleasure. Anyway, have a nice day. And get your barndominium rolling right away.

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