20 Fascinating Places in Switzerland

20 Fascinating Places in Switzerland You Must Visit

Are you planning to go for a vacation in the nearest time? You can consider to visit Switzerland. Switzerland is a place when endless natural beauty also with rich cultural history.

Discover many beautiful places and unique culture in Switzerland. You can have the best traveling experience there with loved ones.

Make a list and schedule about places you will visit in Switzerland. Here are 20 most attractive places you must visit when you are in this country. The places are full of wizard and wonderful view.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is One of the largest lakes in Western Europe. This lake has plenty to make you enthralled. Visitors can enjoy views of the Alps reflecting of the lake’s calm waters which is so amazing and breathtaking.

This kind of view is available from Geneva on the western shores to the town of Montreux on the east. There are also water sport choices you can enjoy.

The Lion of Lucerne

Visiting historical place like The Lion of Lucerne will open your mind and add your knowledge. The Lion of Lucerne will be a very good place you need to visit.

There is a relief which was designed by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. The place itself was inspired by members of the Swiss Guard that were massacred during the French Revolution in 1792.

Then, Lukas Ahorn carved a tragic Lion in its death throes into a rock face outside of Lucerne decades later. Experience historical journey in this place.

Great St. Bernard Pass

Do you know what is the oldest pass in the Western Alps and also the third highest in Switzerland? The answer is Great St. Bernard Pass.

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You can enjoy its highest point, it is the road where Great St. Bernard Hospice located, a place where St. Bernard rescue dogs which gain the fame.

Old Town of Bern

Another historical place you need to visit is Old Town of Bern. By visiting this place, you can come across 15th-century arcades and 16th-century Renaissance fountains. The old town of Bern provides a very wonderful view everyone will love.

Rhaetian Railway

Rhaetian Railway is a place that connects Italy and Switzerland through the mountains of Graubünden. Its remarkable place becomes one of best photogenic places in Switzerland.

You will pass over 196 bridges and also go through 55 tunnels on the 130 ride. Visitor also can enjoy spectacular highlight with the curving Landwasser viaduct.

Lavaux Vineyards

Lavaux Vineyards is the longest vineyard region in Switzerland. As far as the eyes can see, the area is so large and beautiful. It is 843 hectares to be precise.

You can hike to the vineyard trail and enjoy leisure time by tasting some of the local products and foods. Stopping and resting in this place will be so much fun. This will give you best travel experience.

Trümmelbach Falls

The Trümmelbach Falls is also known as the valley of the 72 falls. It is the the largest series of subterranean waterfalls in Europe. This place offers beautiful appealing you will enjoy very much.

The falls carry the meltwater from the Jungfrau down to the valley below. Fortunately, the water fall is accessible by lift, tunnels and also paths.


Bahnhofstrasse is One of the most beautiful shopping street in Europe. It is also the most expensive shopping streets in Europe. This place is a must visit place on your trip to Zurich.

You can enjoy the beautiful view and best shopping experience. Whether you want to purchase something or simply want to experience, this place provides best experience anyway.

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Have you ever heard about Gruyères? It is the cheese capital of Switzerland. Gruyères is also the world famous cheese for fondue aptly named Les Gruyères.

You should visit this place because it offers good view, Even if you are not a fan of cheese. the town’s cream and meringue dessert is a must-taste food in this place.

Château Chillon

Château Chillon is the next best place that offers best view in Switzerland. It is located on a tiny island on Lake Geneva, this place is the most beautiful castle in Switzerland. Château Chillon offers wonderful views of the surrounding Alps.


Jungfraujoch is also known as the Roof of Europe. In this place you can admire the Alps in all their splendour.

Experience the Europe’s highest-altitude railway station at 3454m above sea level journey. This will be one of the best journey you will never forget.


It is best-known that Matterhorn is the world’s most photographed mountain in the world for certain reason. You can go to the fully pedestrianized resort of Zermatt.

This place is great for you who want to tackle the challenge of climbing the mountain. Doing ski on top-class slopes in its shadow is also very exciting.


For you who want to ejoy dine out at under 3000 metres in a revolving restaurant, Schilthorn will be the best place you can visit.

From this altitude, it is very possible to see the Jura mountain range, the Jungfrau, and the Vosges Mountains. Visitor also can catch a glimpse of the Mont Blanc at this distance.

Aletsch glacier

You also must consider to visit this place, the Aletsch glacier. It is the largest one in the Alps at 23 km long. Enjoying nature’s most spectacular bulldozers in this place will be something very exciting.

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Kapellbrücke is oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe. It stretches across Lake Lucerne also with its structure dating back to the 14th century.

It has modern reconstruction with artwork from the 17th century depicting important events in Switzerland. The bridge was destroyed by a fire in the 90s, and then got some reconstruction for modernization.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls is located At 125 metres wide and 25 metres high. It offers the spectacular cascading waters that is also as the largest plains waterfall in Europe.

Jet d’eau

You also can enjoy Jet d’eau in. Lac Léman, or Lake Geneva. People firing it hundred feet into the air, and this is one of the unmissable moment in Switzerland you must enjoy.

The Abbey of St Gall

The Abbey of St Gall is UNESCO World Heritage Site that contains one of the oldest medieval libraries in the world.

This place was one of the most important abbeys in Europe between the 8th century and the 19th. This place gets some restructuring and you can see today.

Lake Lugano

Add also Lake Lugano into your must visit area in Switzerland. with its Mediterranean climate and palm trees, this place offers very stunning feeling like you are not in in Switzerland.

There are also some Italian speaker that makes you feel that your’re not in Switzerland the more. The place is Surrounded by mountains and blessed with fine weather. Lake Lugano is the perfect place for relaxing getaway.

The castles of Bellinzona

In Bellinzona, you can visit some castles including The Castelgrande, Castello Montebello and Castello Sasso Corbaro. Those castles protect the city, the capital of the canton of Ticino. The place offers fascinating defensive walls that step back in time.

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