Best Foods Must Have for Weight Loss

15 Best Foods Must Have for Weight Loss

For a healthy successful diet, it is very important to fill your pantry and fridge with foods that can nourish your body. Choosing foods for weight loss program may be little bit confusing, because not all calories are created equally each food per serving.

It is a must-have part in your diet strategy to have clean eating foods. You can shed the pounds and reduce inches of your wears simply by consuming the best foods which are best for your body.

Clean eating means choosing mostly whole foods or foods with minimal process to consume. So you avoid eating more processed food. The more natural and home made foods are better.

The low fate cheese with macaroni you prepare yourself at home will be a perfect friend for weight loss program.

Besides clean eating foods, you also must have the clean eating menu planner. It can help you mapping many kinds of foods you must purchase when shopping in groceries.

Pick up the best foods and store it your pantry, here are the list of 15 best weight loss foods you must consume to keep on hand.


Avocado is a kind of superfood containing lots of healthy fat. It also contains the healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFas) which function to satisfy your appetite.

It works by telling your brain that your are full. You can make the avocado breakfast toast every morning. Consider to make avocado juice with less sugar for snacking, avocado breakfast pizzas, and grilled chicken and avocado tacos. Those taste great.

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In a piece of apple, it contains pectin and also a soluble fiber. Apples also contains antioxidants which are very good for your body health. Fiber can help you controlling hunger. It works by sending signals to brain that your stomach is full.

You can simply slice them, enjoy them on-the-go, or making an apple salad. There are many cooking recipes to make apple into something joyful and super tasty.


Another super foods you must have during weight loss program is broccoli. It offers loads of high water content and loads of fiber. Fiber helps you controlling hunger and makes you feel full longer. You can serve broccoli in a soup, vegetable salad, asian quick beef with broccoli, and many more.


Blueberries is my favourite fruits that loads fiber and low calories. It is very great for quick weight loss program. Serve blueberries with greek yogurt, this will be very yummy. You also can make a skinny mini blueberry cheesecake, and make it as fruit salad. Find the other idea how to serve blueberry for weight loss program.


Eggs are favourite foods among people worldwide. It can be served in many kinds of foods. Eggs contain proteins and low calorie. Protein also helps you feel fuller longer. So you will not snacking more often. Start your day with a tasty eggs menus. You can serve it with sandwich or consume it individually.


Cauliflower looks like broccoli in white color. It is a non-starchy vegetable which also offers stomach-filling fiber. The high level of water content makes this food is very great for diet. You can serve it in vegetable salad or in soup.

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Hot Peppers

Spicy foods also could be very good for weight loss program. According to research, a substance in the hot peppers called capsaicin can help fight food cravings. So this will be a great seasoning during weight loss program. You can make a slow cooker chicken chili to enjoy a delicious hot pepper.

Greek Yogurt

Another best list of weight loss program is greek yogurt. It loads with protein to nourish our body, and also calorie to burn fat and build muscle. Besides, it is also full of iodine which is very good for thyroid to maintain a healthy metabolism. Add a fresh fruits with the yogurt to serve a healthy delicious meal every day.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are full of nutrients, protein and fiber. It is a super healthy food. Loose the more weight so fats by consuming this foods and add it to your list and menu. A slow cooker red beans and rice will taste great. Serve it as your daily meal.


Everyone is crazy for kale. There are many reasons why it happens. This food contains high iron and also fibers to help you loosing weight. Serve low-calories white bean kale soup or skinny kale burgers as your healthy daily meal.


This kind of vegetable contain the perfect combination of protein and fiber which helps you a lot for weight loss program. Set your dining table with delicious quinoa-stuffed portobello mushrooms. Wow, it will be your favourite food all of time. Find the recipe in internet or magazine.

Steel-Cut Oats

Another best foods for weight loss program is steel-cut oats. The foods contain good nutrients which helps you loosing weight. Oats provide slow-release carbohydrates.

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It help you feel full longer, so it is very ideal for weight loss program. According to study, people who eat oatmeal breakfast reported significantly less hungry than people who eat cereal. Start your day with slow cooker creamy almond oatmeal and many kinds of oatmeal recipe.


Spinach is a great food that contains high of fiber. Researchers also suggest to consume spinach during weight loss program to reduce hunger cravings especially the tendency to eat unhealthy foods.

This vegetable can help you boosting weight loss. Serve slow cooker spinach artichoke chicken as your daily meal and enjoy delicious meal for weight loss. Pinach and bean burrito wrap and skinny artichoke and spinach penne casserole are also very good menu you must try.

Wild-Caught Salmon

Slim down your body with the yummy way. Consider one of the best weight loss foods like salmon. This food offers lean protein plus appetite-suppressing healthy fats which are very good to loose weight.

Pick up wild-caught salmon which will not contain the antibiotics or artificial colors which are usually found in farm-raised fish. Serve a smoked salmon, feta, and avocado salad or blackened sockeye salmon.


To gain successful diet program, you must increase the water intake to your body. This will be a simplest strategy but become a very essential one as well.

This is the most original superfood. Water helps you stay hydrate and makes you feel up and full. Get enough water intake daily. You also can serve it as flavored water such as making infused water with many kinds of fruits.

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