As a big fan of 80s & 90s science fiction and action movies the original Total Recall has always been high on my list. However I’m sure it is more of an emotional attachment than an appreciation of fine cinema. So when I heard this property would be rebooted by Hollywood I didn’t feel the normal intense surge of rage, instead there was a feeling of curiosity! I really wanted to know what another director could do with the material. I will always love Paul Verhoeven’s movie, the vision, the story and the crazy action sequences.

But I’m cautiously optimistic about the Len Wiseman’s version, opening this August. It sounds like the back story has changed a little, or maybe just a little more fleshed out, and they have a nice cast to support it.

Colin Farrell – Douglas Quaid/Hauser
Kate Beckinsale – Lori, Quaid’s wife
Jessica Biel – Melina, prostitute who may have links to Quaid/Hauser’s past
Bryan Cranston – Vilos Cohaagen, coporate leader and main bad guy
Bill Nighy – Kuato, rebel leader

The newly released teaser trailer is below, I can’t wait to see the actual trailer and then actual movie! (and a trailer for a trailer? that is just ridiculous)