T-Mobile has announced an event July 10 where it claims they will announce their “boldest moves” yet. The last time T-Mobile held such an event the carrier announced its new “Uncarrier” plans. So what exactly could T-Mobile, fresh off of completely its MetroPCS acquisition, have in store for the US wireless market that’s so “bold”? Keeping with the theme, here are three “bold” predictions as to what T-Mobile is likely to announce on July 10.

T-Mobile’s step one was the “Uncarrier” plans. Step two, ditch two-year contracts and subsidized devices altogether and adopt the European model where customers pay full price for their devices, but have the freedom to switch carriers anytime they wish since the wireless carrier becomes nothing more than where to purchase a SIM card. The model for purchasing phones in the US has gone pretty much unchanged for almost two decades, and T-Mobile may finally have the guts to pull the trigger. Maybe they could throw in free incoming calls like in Europe for good measure?

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network is virtually non-existent, as it is only available in literally a handful of markets. But as we’ve seen from carriers like Verizon, LTE doesn’t necessarily mean LTE speeds. T-Mobile could make a big splash by announcing they are deploying straight to LTE-Advanced, and doing it quickly. It makes sense. Wireless consumers want faster data, and T-Mobile’s network is already tuned for LTE-A. And if they’re first to the market with LTE-A, that could be huge.

Sony Mobile made some waves this past week with the reveal of the Android-powered Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra. Sony said it would hit US shores soon, but didn’t announce which carrier would sell the device. T-Mobile would be a great fit with their global GSM network. It was T-Mobile, if you recall, that was the first carrier to take a chance on Android with the G1, so T-Mobile isn’t any stranger to new devices.

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