Back in November, Tether was able to briefly get a tethering app into the App Store, which was promptly removed by Apple the same day after the app garnered the attention of media outlets and wishful iPhone owners everywhere.

Tether is back, and has found a way for you to legitimately tether your iPhone bypassing the App Store completely via the web and your Mobile Safari browser.  And the best part, Tether is offering customers right now who sign up a deal of $15 for tethering for a year.  That’s right, for less than the cost of adding tethering to your data plan each month, you can have tethering on your iPhone for an entire year.  The current $15 promotion runs this week, and then it will return to its normal price of $30 per year, which is still a hell of a lot cheaper than through your carrier.

How does it work?  Tether uses the power of HTML5 and an Ad-Hoc network setup to give you the tethering you want via your iPhone.  Simply download the FREE Tether app for your Mac or Windows PC and install the application on your laptop (Windows users can download Tether here, and Mac users can download here).  After creating an Ad-Hoc network on your Mac or PC, connect your iPhone to that network and then log into Tether’s HTML5 web page, sign in, and Presto! you can now tether your Mac or PC to your iPhone.

This is a definite must for any iPhone user who wants to be able to tether their iPhone and not have to spend $20 more per month, or give up their “unlimited” data plan.  However, if you are not on an unlimited data plan, use caution as tethering your Mac or PC can suck a lot of your data limit away rather quickly, and AT&T unlimited data users have to contend with the limits set by AT&T for data throttling your unlimited data plan.

Below is the full video from Tether on this great new tethering solution.