Telltale Games has long been known for Episode based gaming. And what better way to showcase their story writing skills than taking on one of, if not thee, most talked about shows on cable TV. AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The game starts you off as Lee, a convicted murderer on his way to prison in the back of an Atlanta police car. Exiting the city, unbeknownst to them, that is falling into anarchy from a viral plague. I told you the city was dangerous. Due to an accident from a zombie shambling into the road the police cruiser flips with Lee still in the back. He wakes up and it’s zombie time.

The game warns you from the start that your choices will affect the outcome of the game and the other characters opinion of you as well. These choices at times seem irrelevant, though it seems obvious it will come into play in episode 2. The viewpoint of the game is third person over the shoulder and is very easy to get used to. The targeting system for combat and for general exploring is precise and the difference in a direct connection when trying to kill the un-dead can be the difference in life and death.

The story is rich and several of the characters are familiar from the comic and the television show. As well they should be. There are multiple videos on XBL as well as Telltale Games website with interviews of the gaming cast as well as the writer from the graphic novel series Robert Kirkman. It is obvious from the start of the game that Kirkman was involved in the creation and more obvious the games writers are fans of both the show and books.

This game is a definite must buy. On xBox episode one is 400 Microsoft points. On Steam/PC you can purchase from the Telltale site directly, all the episodes were as a bundle $19.99 which saves $5 since the 5 episodes are $5 individually. And on PC as an added bonus you can spend $44.99 and get Telltales library of 8 additional games.


Below enjoy a link to the game play video.