According to Crave, Samsung’s official Facebook page in Israel purportedly posted earlier today that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will get the update to Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” on March 15.  The Facebook post has since been deleted on the Facebook page, but appears this may be an accidental premature announcement.

The Android 4.0 update to the Galaxy S2 line will make a big leap forward in the amount of phones running Google’s most recent version of Android, as Samsung has sold over 20 million Galaxy S2 devices.  These sales are tops in the Android world, and second only to the iPhone.

While this is a little later than most Galaxy S2 owners were hoping for, it is good to see that Samsung is making good on bringing its most popular handset up to speed with the likes of the Galaxy Nexus.  Android updates take longer to distribute not because Google hasn’t finished the code, but rather because each phone manufacturer has to then examine and tweak the code to it’s devices, along with get carrier approval before sending the update out over the air (OTA), unlike Apple’s iOS where Apple controls everything from the code to the distribution via iTunes.  This is mainly why we see a 70 to 80% iOS 5 adoption rate compared to the paltry less than 10% Android 4.0 adoption rate.

If you’re the owner of a Galaxy S2 device, set your reminders to check for software updates in 10 days, and keep your fingers crossed that the deleted Facebook post was right …