Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has been cast as Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel, Cosmic Book News is reporting. Filed under “We’ll Believe It When We See It”, their source claims Cranston has been signed for at least six films, with the possibility of appearing in up to 10 DC Entertainment projects.

The report also states Warner Bros. is tactfully awaiting the broadcast of Breaking Bad’s finale, scheduled for Sept. 29, to make the official announcement.

(In the same report, Cosmic Book News claims Matt Damon is being considered for the roles of Aquaman or Martian Manhunter in a Marvel Cinematic Universe-like development of DC Comics characters. Also, Ben Affleck is signed to appear as Batman 13 times. So…)

This wouldn’t be Cranston’s first appearance in the DC Universe, actually. He appeared way back in CBS’ short-lived The Flash TV show starring John Wesley Shipp from 1990-91. Naturally, he played a charmingly sinister villain called Phillip Moses. He wasn’t very fast, as I recall, but we was quite clean.

Should this announcement come to fruition, it would be a great casting choice. Cranston is older and angrier than Henry Cavill’s fresh-faced Kal-El of Krypton, and would have to use his brain over Superman’s (destructive) brawn. Plus, I’d love to see him in the Jack Kirby-influenced, Super Powers-era green and purple armor. (I might be the only one who actually digs that look.) But, if it’s not true – 10 appearances is a tall order – it got me thinking about other interesting choices to play the Metropolis Marvel’s archenemy…

3) Vincent D’Onofrio: A large, intimidating presence, D’Onofrio is known for inhabiting characters, filming a short picture as Orson Welles simply because he wasn’t happy with his own performance as Welles in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Years and years of Law & Order: Criminal Intent wore D’Onofrio down, and seemingly damaged his Hollywood cred after his appearance as the alien (and villainous) Edgar in 1997’s Men In Black.

2) Louis C.K.: Think I’m kidding? The comics long ago established that Lex Luthor is a redhead when he’s not busy being bald, and Louis C.K. – an excellent actor and director when he’s not busy being one of the most prolific and dynamic standup comedians in the business – could infuse the character with the deep-rooted anger he carries around for the Man of Steel. Louis C.K. probably hates himself just as much as Luthor does (deep down).

1) Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: As the some of the comics – and Smallville – could tell you, Lex Luthor and Clark Kent were best pals before (insert unpleasant accident or incident) drove them apart. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Cavill played best friends for four seasons on Showtime’s The Tudors. Who better to play Superman’s greatest enemy? Supposedly, the next cinematic take on Lex Luthor will be inspired by Steve Jobs. Throw this guy – with his crazy sharp features and bulging eyes – in a black turtleneck and specks, and you’ve got yourself the one man capable of bringing down the Man of Steel.

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