The Goji Smart Lock has hit Indiegogo today, and offers a level of home automation we only dreamed about as kids. The Goji is a deadbolt lock that harnesses the power of Wi-Fi, cameras, and your smartphone to manage entry into your home unlike any other lock we’ve seen.

After installing the Goji Smart Lock into the door or doors of your choosing, which can be done by the average DIYer or by a professional locksmith, and connecting the device to your home Wi-Fi network, immediately users are given unmatched control of managing access to their homes. The Goji includes a built-in camera that will send picture messages to you whenever someone approaches your door. This is great for parents of latchkey kids who want instant notification of when their kids arrive home safely from school, or a real pain for teenagers who may try to slip in quietly after missing their curfew (parents, we’ve all been there and done that at least once).

Keys are mostly a thing of the past after installing the Goji. While there are still two mechanical keys included in case of power or Internet connectivity loss, the Goji instead harnesses your smartphone, or the smartphone of others, as your house key. The Goji includes 4 lifetime electronic keys, meaning users can program up to 4 smartphones as permanent keys to their homes. Upon programming, the Goji will recognize each individual by name, and upon entering the integrated LCD screen will state, for example, “Welcome Brett” upon entering. It’s a nice touch, and certainly something that will wow your friends the first time they see it. The Goji lock can be locked or unlocked from anywhere in the world provided you have Internet access, meaning no more “oh crap did we lock the door?” moments when heading out for vacation.

Where the appeal gets even better is the ability to assign temporary electronic keys via the web. Say you have family or friends from out of town. Instead of giving them one of your keys, or paying for another copy, users can create temporary electronic keys using their guest’s email or phone number and set access for only the time they are in town. This system could also be helpful for other uses like letting in the maid, a repairman, your super, or even Mom.

The entire Goji experience is backed by a 24-hour call center support system. The call center can help users with tasks like unlocking your door when you don’t have your key (mechanical or electronic). I like to think of it as the OnStar for homes.

The Goji is currently only available on Indiegogo for the next 60 days, and the device starts at $195 for Early Bird backers. The device is expected to ship in December, however, whether that means in time for the holidays it isn’t clear. After the Early Birds are all taken, the Goji will run $235. This includes the Goji Smart Lock, 4 lifetime electronic keys, and 2 backup mechanical keys.

While we haven’t been able to test the Goji ourselves, if what is claimed comes to fruition, the Goji could be included with great home automation tools like the Nest Thermostat or Philips’ Hue LED lighting system.