Star Wars 7 to happen 2015, per news out of the Disney camp. Lucas to stay on as consultant, new films to be released every 2 years.

What will this mean? With all the cross-licensing in the parks, nothing.

But for the pending films, this could mean good kids content on top of the Star Wars Clone Wars, including the Young Jedi Academy books brought to life, as well as some good animated feature-length films. Maybe a live action TV show? Only time will tell.

But for the naysayers out there that are already grumbling and griping at the pending union. I direct you to just look at what the house that Walt built has done for Marvel, and Marvel films. This blessed union could lead to all sorts of fantabular goodness coming out.

Fan Days 7 at Epcot? One could only hope for days of nerdom and being mistaken for character/actors in the park. Good times will abound once the ink dries on this one.

For fear of rowdy angered fans Lucas brought armed guards.