I’m not much of a wine drinker, more of a beer drinker myself, but I can identify with those who love to explore the experience of a good drink that you can’t find at your local 7-Eleven. We often find ourselves relying on friends to introduce us to new wines, beers, or liquors. But what do you do once you’re sold and want to get a bottle of your own. Enter Drync, the new iOS app that does for wine discovery what Shazam did for music discovery.

Drync uses your iPhone’s camera to identify and then purchase that bottle of fine wine you just discovered with a simple photograph. Simply take a photo of the wine’s label, and Drync will not only tell you exactly what wine it is you’re drinking, but also where you can order a bottle of your very own. Drync also allows users to store their favorite wines, create their own wine lists, and share their new-found favorite Chardonnay, Vermouth, or other fine wine with friends via Facebook or Twitter. The app now boasts an impressive database of over 30,000 different wines, meaning unless it’s your own private collection, it’s on Drync. But if you do run into a wine that isn’t in Drync’s database, the app allows uploading of labels for human review.

Drync’s not only tells you where you buy the wine, it allows users to make the purchase of a bottle right within the app. The idea is snap a photo, pay, and wait for your new bottle to arrive in a few days. For the amateur wine aficionado, Drync includes public wine lists from wine experts like Charles Antin, wine specialist and auctioneer at Christie’s NY, and other wine experts to get you on the right path.


Drync has exited beta, and has just landed $900k in additional funding to continue building out its offerings. Drync’s immediate plans include an Android version of the app, social recommendations, and the ability to add personal wine tasting notes that can be kept private or made public.

I tend to agree with Drync CEO Brad Rosen, who states, “The wine industry is a very large market that has not enjoyed the explosive growth that other sectors have from technology innovation, but this is about to change.” Music, film, book, and even beer lovers have enjoyed apps that augment their hobbies, but the wine industry has gone relatively untouched.

Drync is available now on the App Store for free to all iOS 5.0 or later users.