Have no fear, MP3VA.com is ‘Hear’.

As of 2 months ago, I stopped buying discount CD’s at the local used bookstore for $3-5 a pop. Instead, on the recommendation I heard on the Bob’s Boneyard Podcast, for once, Alfredo “the Fan of the Game a.k.a. the Silver Fox” Torres was right! Please don’t tell him, it will make his head much larger than it already is.

Since i have found out about this site i have put $30 into my coffer to spend on music. Now $17 and 10 albums later…. I myself am a convert.  Individual songs range from $.09-.19 on average. That means a standard album of 10-12 songs cost you…… Carry the 3 extrapolate the residual and……

Math has never been my strong suit but even with my 3rd grade math skills, and poor grammar, it is still about $30 cheaper per album. Or something like that.

For example: The Beatles White Album on iTunes is $19.99.

If you go to MP3VA.com for less than $20 (yes i included one additional penny) You can get the following (all in stereo remastered format): Yellow Submarine($1.56), The White Album Disc 1 & 2 ($3.60), Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band ($1.56), Magical Mystery Tour ($1.32), Abbey Road ($2.04), A Hard Day’s Night ($1.56), Let it Be ($1.44), Help ($3.36), Hey Jude ($1.20), and Get Back ($1.44).  Grand total: $19.08

So why hasn’t this up-start company taken food out of the proverbial mouth of Apple?  Nobody seems to know about it. Everyone I meet that loves music and uses iTunes or Zune (who has a Zune??), I tell them about the site. On top of being cheaper than anyone else out there, MP3VA has deals several times a month where if you put $30 in, you get a bonus $15 in your account to use. Customer service is impeccable as well. As with any service, yes even iTunes, every once in a while you may get a messed up track. iTunes will generally replace the track. But with MP3VA, they reimburse you the song and throw a little extra on there. You may say “WOW” they reimburse you $.15?? No they reimbursed me $.45. You’re still saying “Whoopie!” but with that refund, you can nearly pay for 1/2 of another album.

Tell everyone you know or care about to use this site. Lets drive the Big Dog on the block to back down a bit and start moving their charges closer to the bottom line and make it a war to earn your business and your hard earned money.