T-Mobile Galaxy S4 owners who love to mod their devices, your friendly neighborhood Cyanogen developers have completed a stable Cyanogen Mod kernel for your device. Cyanogen Mod 10.1 has been completed for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, and the mod lets rooters get their cake and eat it too. With only a “few rough edges” to work out, the Cyanogen 10.1 Mod for the Galaxy S4 supports all the core functions of the Galaxy S4, including the new touch screen hover function.

Cyanogen leader Steve Kondik also teased that support for other Galaxy S4 variants should be available soon. Users interested in flashing the Cyanogen kernel on to their T-Mobile Galaxy S4 will see the Galaxy S4 ROM available soon on Cyanogen’s site as part of their nightly builds. However, as with any rooting or jailbreaking, it’s wise to backup your device first.