Amazon has dropped the price of its 7-inch Kindle Fire HD to $169. The 12 percent price drop is now available to customers worldwide. Amazon’s move appears to be in response to a similar price drop from Barnes & Noble for their Nook HD tablet. The $169 Kindle Fire HD includes 16 GB of storage, a high-definition display, and tight integration of Amazon’s growing services like Kindle Books and Prime Instant Video.

The price drop could also indicate a new hardware release of the Kindle Fire is coming soon, possibly within the next few months. Both the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD debuted in November, but with a new Samsung Galaxy Tab already on shelves along with rumors of a new Nexus tablet and iPad Mini incoming, Amazon won’t be far behind if not first to the market. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD uses a custom Android-based OS, but users do not have access to Google’s Play store.

The Kindle Fire HD can be purchased online through Amazon now at the discounted price.