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Dodge Uconnect 8.4 Review

After nearly a month with the 2013 Dodge Journey with the touchscreen Uconnect 8.4 the jury is in. And the verdict is its guilty. Guilty of being one of the easiest stereos to use, and some of the best sound quality available outside of building your own system. With the package on the Journey SXT, the Dodge is a jukebox on wheels. The Uconnect interface mated to 6 Alpine speakers and a 368 watt amplifier. The head unit can play a variety of media types. In the dash there is an SD card reader, and a CD/DVD slot. In the center arm rest is a hidden USB and 3.5mm headphone jack. The USB can recognize phones as well as thumb drives or USB hard drives. With the MP3s in the correct format the CD cover and song information is displayed on the screen.

The Uconnect is available across the entire lineup of Chrysler Dodge and Jeep. Each one is a little different, not only between makes but models as well. The Uconnect is arguably the most advanced in-dash infotainment system on the market. Aside from all the music abilities for controlling music, movies, and removable storage devices. In performance models it can also be used to monitor air temperature and other performance factors for the SRT lineup. Before if you wanted most of this information you had to either install aftermarket gauges or a bluetooth OBD2 port reader. Now you get to keep a complete stock look.

With available navigation, back up camera, and in vehicle WiFi hot spot. The factory radio has a laundry list of peripherals previously only available to aftermarket head units. With Uconnect bluetooth is a standard feature for making calls and streaming music as well.

With the help of an aftermarket adapter Coastal LockPick C8 you can unlock so many extras the factory does not allow. Features like watching video while driving by tricking the radio into thinking you are going 0-MPH. You can also add rear cameras without needing to have the dealer reprogram your stereo. This also opens the ability to play video from mobile devices as well as removable memory. The kicker is all these features are available from the menu screen that is already installed in the middle of the factory dash cluster and adds access to the LockPick menu from the buttons on your steering wheel.

As with any item that “unlocks” the hidden potential of your electronics be it cell phones, tablets, car stereo,s or home computers. Keep in mind that the Uconnect is linked directly in the vehicles “brain” and has access to the hidden diagnostic tools the dealer can access from your stereo. The touchscreen is also where you change all of your stereo inputs, control the heat and air conditioning for all three zones in your vehicle(SUV’s and van’s). It also controls your navigation, bluetooth, garage door openers and many other things. So if you hack your stereo exercise caution.

My first impression for this stereo after a brief 3 weeks of use are as follows. The sound quality is impeccable, and with the sub-woofer and amplifier the bass is fantastic and I have felt no desire to add AEM speakers. Bluetooth works perfect for making and taking calls, but sometimes there are slight hiccups when connecting the iPhone 5 for streaming music. Once connected it is seamless. A free years Sirius satellite radio subscription is seriously competing for play time with my podcast addiction(pun intended). Changing through all the menus with the buttons on the front and rear of the steering wheel is intuitive and makes sense. Talking to the stereo to make it change apps or find a specific song or artist is awkward and has a learning curve to get used to talking to no one as well as the key phrases to access your media. The stereo is great, user-friendly and looks amazing. With the DVD player I am looking forward to a drive in date one night with the wifey.

  • royy


    I have bought Dodge Durango 2014 limited edition, it has the uconnect 8.4a, the dealer told me it has no navigation, in the hidden option of the uconnect, i could see that navigation could be activated by entering the purchased key, if i do purchase it, will it work? does it have a GPS receiver?

  • dchijarhead

    I bought a 2014 RAM 1500 for my wife this last weekend. It has the Uconnect 8.4a, not the 8.4an. It will cost me $595 a one time cost to upgrade to Nav. I had not expected this, and would have had it included in the deal, I had known. Most likely I will spend the money and set up with all the Uconnect options and Nav. From what I can see it will be a nice vehicle for the wife and a nice set of options to choose from.

    The way it was sold, the Nav should be working off the dealership floor. I’m mixed on the cost of Wi-Fi, and the overall monthly costs, but willing to keep an open mind, on if it is worth it or not. Nav does not give you that option, no trial, it pay and that’s it. Updates are $150 if you keep it. So it better be good.

    This review was good, but I have also read some where Nav is a rip off, mostly in costs and getting good updates. So I’m already committed, the truck still has less them 100 miles. If anyone wants to get more of what I think as time goes by, I will let you know.

    If any one has more experience with a similar system I would like to know that too.

    Have a great day.

    • pokey 803

      I thought the exact same thing when I bought my 2015 1500. No Navi? U want me to pay $5oo+ what? Im glad I read you’re comment though. I was unaware about the $150 updates. I haven’t purchased it yet and now I’m definitely not going to. I’ll stick with my free Google maps app through my Aux cable. With free updates.

      • dchijarhead

        I will be going on a trip in June, so it will be nice to have this at that point. Currently I’ve used it once. The updates are not mandatory for its operation and I will never update unless I plan to go on a trip “way in the future” where the updates would be a benefit. Generally road construction is very slow, so it is like having an old atlas in the old days. It never failed to get you there, but you may lose a turn or two in the process. Have a great day.

      • Robo

        Waze is free on android and much better. Be nice if they updated uconnect to use it.