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Almost 90% Of iPads In Use Are Wi-Fi Only Further Proving LTE iPads Are A Waste Of Money

When the third-generation iPad was announced, it was estimated by some analysts that over half of all new iPads sold would be the 4G connected models.  With the increased availability of 4G LTE in the United States, led by Verizon Wireless, and its fast data speeds, it was expected that more and more users would want the opportunity to be able to use thier iPads wherever and whenever they choose.

However, with the latest numbers from Localytics, it looks like almost everyone agrees with Mind Of The Geek that buying an LTE iPad is a giant waste of money.

The latest data from Localyitcs suggests that only 6% of iPad sessions tracked by Localytics were done using a cellular connection, leaving a whopping 94% being through a Wi-Fi connection.  The infographic below, originally posted on BGR, shows a telling sign that more and more people are choosing Wi-Fi only iPad models.  Our thought is that due to the added cost on the front and back end with the extra $130 price tag and the monthly service charges, coupled with the still relative lack of 4G coverage throughout the country, it makes sense.

Did you pick up a Wi-Fi or 4G iPad?  Or do you plan on getting a Wi-Fi or 4G iPad?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @MindOfTheGeek.  You can look at the infographic below:

Images courtesy of Ars Technica and BGR