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Add Netflix Discs To Your Queue With Your iPhone Camera With ScanFLX

If you’re still one of the Netflix subscribers whose plan includes physical discs, we salute you for your patience in this increasingly on-demand world.  However, adding discs to your Netflix queue from your smartphone has always been a multiple-step, laborious process.  Fire up the Netflix app, search for your movie by typing the name in, and then selecting the movie and finally adding it to your queue.

ScanFLX for iOS aims to make adding discs to your Netflix queue a snap, of a photo that is.  Simply point your camera that the bar code of any DVD or Blu-Ray, and ScanFLX will find that movie and with a single tap you can add it to your Netflix queue.  This comes in handy when shopping at your local retailer and seeing a movie that you may not have realized was released or you haven’t seen in a long time and seeing it on the shelf makes you want to see it again.

ScanFLX is available now on the App Store (iTunes link) for $0.99 for a limited time on sale, and normally retails at $1.99.  At a buck, any Netflix disc subscriber should put this on their “must have” apps list, and even at two bucks its still a steal.

Here is a video demonstration of ScanFLX in action: