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Miveu Captures Your Extreme Sports Triumphs, Faceplants and More

In the world of iPhone cases, there seems to be a case for anything and everything.  However, most cases are designed to be held in your hand.  The Miveu is designed to be held by your body, and is a dream come true for extreme sports fanatics, and other enthusiasts alike.

The Miveu iPhone POV case, currently a Kickstarter project, is designed to encase your iPhone in a rugged case attached to a set of straps that you place around your body.  On the front side of the case is a wide-angle lens to add further field of vision to your iPhone 4 or 4S’s camera.  A shutter button to take a photo or begin recording a video is present and easy-to-reach.  Simply place your iPhone into the case, strap the case around your body, and just like that you have a POV video camera to record all of your sports adventures (and mishaps).

While this is definitely a must have for extreme sports junkies, there are many other must more practical and safer uses I could see for it.  My wife and son both run in races, and this could be finally a way for them to record themselves crossing the finish line after a long race, being able to relive their accomplishment for years to come.  Or I could (attempt to) put it on my daughter to catch her making her first pedals riding her tricycle, having that memory forever.

Even tourists could use this.  How many times have you been somewhere and wanted to video the experience, only finding yourself spending more time ensuring you hold on to your phone to capture everything rather than just enjoying the views?  With the Miveu you could simply strap it to yourself and walk around and enjoy the view, meanwhile your iPhone is recording the experience for you, hands free.

Whatever creative uses you could see for this case, the Miveu is definitely a great idea.  You can grab yourself your own Miveu by contributing $70 or more to Miveu’s Kickstarter page.  What other creative uses could you see for the Miveu?  Let us know in the comments.  You can see the entire Miveu video below.