Steve Jobs Action Figure News

Steve Jobs Collectible Figure Is A Must Have (Updated: Won’t Have)

Collecting action figures is a long-time geek (and non-geek) hobby. Whether it be your original Star Wars action figures by Kenner or your G.I. Joes from the 80s, every geek I know seems to have at least one action figure collection (even my wife was into MacFarlane figures a few years ago!).

But this upcoming 1:6 scale Steve Jobs action figure from DiD Corp is a must have for any Apple fan, and for that fact, in my opinion, for any collector of fine collectibles. Many other people have described its ultra-realistic nature as creepy, but me being a fan of Apple, and a fan of good collectibles, simply thinks this is an amazing piece.

However, like all of your iGadgets, there is a premium on the price of this collectible. $100 plus shipping when it is released next month.

This, of course, isnt the first company to sell action figure replicas of the late (and great) Steve Jobs. In 2010, a website called M.I.C. Gadget also offered a Steve Jobs collectible figure, which quickly drew the eyes of Apple, Inc.s lawyers, who quickly requested that M.I.C. Gadget stop selling and marketing the figures.

Lets hope that Apple will loosen up a little in the wake of Steve’s unfortunate passing.

Either way, if you are an Apple fan or a fan of collectibles, this is something you don’t want to pass up.

The next question is, how much could it be worth on eBay or through other outlets in the years to come?

Either way I am making some room on my credit card for this one.

UPDATED: Looks like Apples lawyers struck again according to a Wired. OK Apple where’s my Steve Jobs edition something?